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Many of the earths minerals hold unique properties, amber has the unique ability to preserve what ever it captures for thousands of years. So many outstanding prehistoric bugs, bones, leaves, roots and many other natural wonders have been frozen into time for the modern people to find.

Tuareg are nomads who live in the central Sahara. They are Muslims by religion but still retain many older traditions like like the one where women do not cover their face and wear a lot of jewelry.

Since the days of the philosophers who supported the view that the nature, despite its contradictions, is able to provide rules that can make it a model of beauty. It is no coincidence that the nature of the universe is called by philosophers "Cosmos", which means a harmonious whole thing, a jewel.

snake jewelry arm bracelet
The snake in Religion holds most symbolic meanings of any other being. Sometimes it represents the darkness, symbolizing the vanity that upsets the harmony in the life of the soul, and sometimes it becomes the god god of fertility. Maybe it was the shape, perhaps the movement which is unique in the animal kingdom, that made the snake a living symbol.

gold mining potThe reportage made by Guardian in Ghana, one of the many poverty-stricken countries of West Africa, is showing the extent of the damage caused by gold mining in all the aspects of life. Brutal deforestation, large-scale contamination of soil and water pollution from mercury and cyanide which is used to extract the gold and are a hazard poison, small children working in their innocence are just some of the many things that illegal and without programming gold mining causes.

buying jewelry for the woman you love
 Buying jewelry is a highly enjoyable activity for most of the women. But for most of the men however, buying a jewelry gift is a tough job in muddy waters, only a good salesman of jewelry can provide them with a roadmap to buy a unique jewelry gift for their beloved one.

 Cursed Jewelry Gems
We often hear about haunted houses or scary locations where unexplained things happen. However, legends associated with particular haunted jewelry do exist, which is said to have brought tremendous misfortune and death to their owners.

The possibilities of people achieving remarkable things in their life is a subject with many interesting stories to know about. Even in the jewelry creation there are amazing people to be found that truly overcome themselves. 

Kevin Coates Unique JewelryBestiarum vocabulum was called a unique approach in medieval Europe in illustrated encyclopedias which dealt mainly with natural history, animals plants rocks etc. These books were educational but mostly didactic, and pointed people to the Christian lifestyle and the view that every creature of nature has a purpose.
Ancestor of these books is considered a book written in the Greek language in the 2nd century. Which was assigned to the bishop Epiphanius of Cyprus.

modern wooden comb
When people had covered their basic needs like shelter and food, the next thing for people to discover is better adjustements in their everyday life.  Since the dawn of civilization until today combs were used for combing and grooming hair. It is remarkable how all the tools and everyday objects have changed so much from that distant era, hair-combs remain essentially unchanged, in their basic structure like always. The oldest combs which have been found are dating to the 5th millennium BC Mesopotamia, The combs were made over the centuries by different materials like wood , ivory, bone, metal, shell, etc. It will remain a useful object making the life of people much more easier especially for women who have a long hair without any doubt.

For the ancient Greeks hair treatment was particularly important. In contrast, the sloppy hair was the sample of illness and social disqualification. Herodotus describes a very typical instance: When Xerxes had invaded Greece and descended to face the Greeks at Thermopylae, he sent a rider to spy on the rival camp. At that moment, out of the camp were the Spartans, led by Leonidas and the spy was impressed watching the men working out and comb their hair. When the spy returned to Xerxes and narrated what he saw, the Persian king did not believe him and asked thereon Demaratos, who confirmed that indeed it was a custom of the Spartans.

Combs also serve with a purpose to secure in place an elaborate hair hairstyle, It is therefore logical for everyone to want to have a beautiful comb to use.

Ivory comb ancient Greece
Combs made from ivory with a representation of sphinxes in two areas and a rosette in the center of the back. Found in Spata, Attica, in tombs, approximately 14th-13th century. B.C.  This is one of the best preserved combs from the Mycenaean era, with elaborate decoration on handle and long thin teeth.

Gold comb

The Greek golden comb of a Scythian king. An object of high art , which was obviously the work of a Greek craftsman and intended for the Scythian monarch. The whole shape of the object resembles ancient Greek temple facade: nineteen teeth resemble the dense colonnade, with a dynamic martial scene with a man on horseback and two pedestrians.

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