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cosmic jewelry

Designing 3D Jewelry with your mind set to break the barriers of the traditional methods of jewelry making is something that could not be achieved few years ago, times always change and adopting a new mindset, exploring the possibilities of 3D printing and all the wonderful tech technologies which are coming next years is a must. Some of the designs may be achieved traditionally by sculpting a physical wax for casting, they would take much more time related to a project completed in few days.

Art Project Statement:

United spheres in startling cosmology Jewelry designs that adapt to the modern way of life, bringing a symbolic meaning of unification and completeness to the expanding consciousness. 

Fused Spheres Symbolism Jewelry Pendant

Creators Wheel Jewelry Pendant.

Fantasia Wheel Orb Jewelry Pendant

Spherical Focus Symbolic Jewelry Pendant.
Frosty Spheres Symbolical Jewelry Pendant
Orb Star Symbolic Jewelry Pendant

Galactic Star Fish Symbol Jewelry Pendant

You can find these pendants and more symbol jewelry in my jewelry store powered by shapeways.

Rendering and Pendants made with Sculptris. Finishing touches with meshlabs and blender. 3D Printing  file set up netfabb Basic

Recreate everything, examples of different uses of plastic bottles in creative uses..

In ancient times, every little thing that people produced was of a great value and was meant to be kept with great appreciation for a long time, until it couldn't be used anymore.

Nowadays with the progression of the technology and the development of the various sciences of chemistry,physics, mechanization, automated-metalwork's etc. machines were built that substitute the humans work and make things easy for everyone. Unfortunately due to the work of the production lines with the automated systems people have stopped to value the things they produce so much with hard work and the world has been filled with a lot of thrash that comes from these products.

Off course there will be always the kind of people who really evaluate whatever they can and recycle it into creative objects that are useful for them in many ways. One of this things is the million bottles of plastic which are being produced every year that literally are found in every corner of the world, i was really astonished with the invention skills that these creations show.

DIY bottle furniture for house
Easy to make resulting in a great cheap furniture for your house.

DIY boat
Sailing on plastic bottles. No more wood needs to be chopped.

DIY plant pots
Hanging gardens.


DIY water hoe
Water your plants easily with this patent on this plastic bottle.

DIY bottle chair
Need a chair? Built one.

DIY bottle houses
Bottles and mud = Houses in Bolivia for the poor who need a roof for themselves and their family.

Various uses for plastic bottles.

Even a whole house can be built with bottles.

Vintage Jewelry that you will love to discover!

When people love to create it doesn't matter in what time they are living. For sure modern technology gives a help into the fabrication of a jewelry, but there are some different techniques that are not bound by modern technology and can be seen off course in the results of every and each jewelry masterpiece. These jewelry are made from master-smiths in jewelry that must be seen and admired for their unique appearance. 

Enjoy this amazing vintage jewelry collection:

Luis Masriera ~ 1872-1958

circa 1870

Antique Art Nouveau Jewelry Necklace. Pink. Festoon.

Boucheron, 1934
Gold, opal and peridot pendant, by William Thomas Pavitt, c. 1905.

Pendant detail: Tiffany & Co. Art Nouveau necklace with a gold, enamel, and black opal pendant on a peridot and white opal-studded gold chain. Circa 1900.

Maison Vever (Paul et Henri) Accéder à la fiche joaillier ; Paris, 1900
A BELLE EPOQUÉ SAPPHIRE, DIAMOND AND ENAMEL CHOKER, Lucien Gautrait, Léon Gariod, French, circa 1900

John Paul Miller “Polyp Colony” 1975 (Pure 18K gold, enamel)

Secret agents weapons in the cold war!

We all have seen James Bond movies and how he was provided with all this awesome and great secret weapons and gadgets that helped him to confront his enemies, but rather than that, the Inspirations of the film makers of these movies i believe were really based in real life weapons being used during the cold war by secret agent agents who wanted to be invisible and undetectable, just like James Bond. For one more time people are proving themselves to be extraordinary inventive despite the fact that their inventiveness isn't meant for a good cause it still remains cool and unpredictable to be seen in these daily items that are widely used from the people all around the world.

A secret weapon watch.

A writing pen with bullets.

A key disguised like secret weapon

A lethal Zippo lighter. !

Alexander the Great 3 death wishes.

Just before the verge of death, Alexander called his generals and announced his last three wishes which were the following:

1) The best physicians and doctors of that time to carry his coffin for his death ceremony.

2) The treasures he acquired through his conquers silver, gold, precious stones to be scattered all the way to the grave.

3) His hands to stay swaying in the air, out of the coffin, in view of all the people...

One of the generals, surprised by the unusual desires, so he promptly asked Alexander what were the reasons for asking these kind of desires and Alexander explained:

1. I want the most eminent doctors to raise my coffin to be able to show this way that either they do not have the power to heal before death.

2. I want the ground to be covered by the treasures so everybody can see that we get the goods here, but when we die they remain here.

3. I want my hands to float in the air, to allow people to see that we come with empty hands and leave with empty hands when finish this life's journey, for us the most precious treasure is the time that we live here.

TIME is the most precious treasure we have, because it is limited. We can create money, but not for too long.

Alexander the Great King of Macedon and world conqueror (356-323 BC)


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